Essential Information About Our New Pallet Racks


Standard Frame Sizes

Frame Sizes Below Available in 3x1-5/8" and 3"x3" Column

24"x8' 42"x8' 48"x8'
24"x10' 42"x10' 48"x10'
24"x12' 42"x12' 48"x12'
36"x8' 42"x14' 48"x14'
36"x10' 42"x16' 48"x16'
36"x12' 42"x18' 48"x18'
36"x14' 42"x20' 48"x20'
36"x16' 42"x22' 48"x22'
36"x18' 42"x24' 48"x24'

New Teardrop Uprights In-Stock

We sell all types of new and used pallet racking and other warehouse and material handling equipment, providing a large selection to meet your needs at exceptional prices. Our inventory continually varies. Pallet rack orders require a lead time which is based on the current work load at the time of the quote.
*Inventory changes daily

Contact us for additional styles and sizes!

New Step Beams

48" x 3” 60" x 3" 72" x 3"
84" x 4” 96" x 3" 96" x 4"
96" x 5” 108” x 4” 108” x 5”
120” x 4” 120” x 5” 144” x 5”
144” x 6”

*Special sizes are available upon request

new step beams

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